What will your life be in a year from now?

Now’s the time to clarify your goals, exceed your expectations, and discover your ideal life.

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A fun, insightful way to get clear onwhat you really want.


A Message from Elaine Wilkes,

Creator of A Date with Your Future.

Once I asked a billionaire the secret to his success. He replied, “Crystal clear focus.”

Most of my life I’ve studied intuition and have been instinctively able to get accurate readings on people.

In my Hay House published book, Nature’s Secret Messages, I mention that I am a “learning addict.” It’s true. I’ve been to over 1000 classes and have a Ph.D., along with countless certifications.
All this learning has led me to put together an amazing and powerful, done over the phone exercise, that I call, “A Date with Your Future.”

What do you want your future to be? I guide you to act as if it is one year from now, and I intuitively ask questions that can help your higher wisdom create the future you want. There’s a vast amount of science of why this works.

One hour of creating your future in this way can open new doors of possibilities and profound realizations, along with saving you immense time, hassles, and heartaches. You’ll receive crystal, clear focus.

Not only was this profound and life-changing, but it was also fun. Everyone was excited with their new found clarity and possibilities from living as if their goals had happened.

This inspired me to coach others with this concept. You may only need one session. Take time to honor and support yourself to create positive changes in your life.

I also can lead “A Date With Your Future” speaking events. Everyone acts like it’s a year from now, after their best year ever. It fills the room with exciting energy! People love it and have so much fun with it. It can run from a warm-up lasting 10 minutes to 1 to 3-hour interactive presentation.

Experience your ideal future today to live your best life.

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Benefits of having A Date with Your Future:

  • Test-drive your goals and dreams to experience your future now.
  • Break free from barriers holding you back.
  • Release limiting beliefs about yourself and about life.
  • Receive inspiration to imagine a new future possibility.
  • Gain a profound understanding of what truly makes you happy.
  • Find your true destiny.
  • Enhance one specific area of your life, and start immediately putting your insights to focused clear, specific action steps.
  • Feel empowered by living a fulfilling life with meaning and purpose.
  • Play out your dreams in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Feel excited and recharged.


Let’s See What Some Have to Say About A Date with Your Future.


The “year from now” was such fun! I was asked thought-provoking, yet practical questions and kept my ideas moving to create a life that I now have clarity for. I am excited! Interestingly, I’ve had these ideas for a long time, but now they’re threaded together so I can see the steps to reach my goals to create this life. Thank you!
— Deb Askelson, EdD, Corporate and Wellness Coach


“This was the most extraordinary experience I have had in years. It was like I was channeling myself. When Elaine facilitated the session, she tuned in with me and began to ask questions as to how and why I got where I was in my imagined year later. With complete spontaneity I answered her—making up everything naturally as I went along. What transpired was nothing short of magical. I uncovered my deepest dreams buried inside of me.

I was so excited for the rest of the day and ever since because I have a vision now. The ideas I received were fantastic and I can follow up on them now. Later in the day I took the time to write down these revelations and insights that came forth.

If you have a chance to do this, DO IT! The best part is that it was so much FUN. Let youself go and dream away. Thanks again. I loved doing this. Loved it!!!!!!”

—Susan 'Teton' Campbell, Host of Raw, Cooked and Cultured Series


Working with Elaine always pushes me to new levels within my practice. Elaine prods in a very effective way. She was able to coax out of me things that were lurking all around me, but I was not recognizing. After working through a single exercise with Elaine, I was clear about my direction, and more importantly defined my audience. This was something that, before working with Elaine, was a very frustrating process. One that, when I would face, would not yield clear results. Now that I have an audience, my path forward is clear.
— MartinJon Garcia, Author, Speaker


“When I dove into my coaching business, I was looking for someone who could truly assist me with getting my message across and voice being heard. Though I had done quite a number of visualizations over the years, Elaine’s specific technique, and in particular her detailed questions as she was guiding me through her signature process, deeply clarified for me how I envisioned my ideal “workday” to unfold and what it would look like.

It was amazing with how much ease, grace, and simplicity Elaine walked me through the process. The end result was and is brilliant. Thank you, Elaine, you really did some magic here!

This is truly how I feel and I hope it works for you!”

—Barbara Bassill, MA
“Two weeks ago, I had a session with Elaine Wilkes. We worked on imaging my future to a forward state and facing those things and people along the way that I allow to hold me back.

In the past two weeks, I have found myself in a different space and speaking more clearly my truth and not being overly worried about everyone else that displays negative feedback. I feel that I can release that which does not serve my highest good! What a great feeling!”

“So grateful for the plan your future session. It pushed me beyond self-imposed limiting beliefs and gave me a new view on what’s possible.”
Joy Lucinda, Author of Pathway to Joy
Date with your Future” is more like “Date with your Essence!” My session with Elaine was an exhilarating leap into a vibrant well of deep-rooted dreams, many of which I had no idea were so fully formed. Her care-full and spontaneous questions gave me permission to imagine in vivid detail, eliciting a series of specific visions along with a detailed map of how to partner with them. It was magically practical and practically magic! Not only were my dreams uncovered, through her intuitive inquiries they were explicitly and exquisitely expressed. The session goes beyond your ideas, straight to the heart of your desires. Thank you Elaine, for such a delight-full, fun and deep rechristening of my purpose and Presence.

Karen Seeberg, MA, healer, linguist, writer, www.LiveLoveLaughMore.com